Comparație de Nivele ETABS

ETABS este disponibil la 3 nivele: Plus, Nonlinear, și Ultimate

Interfață utilizatorPlusNonlinearUltimate
O fereastră, Mai multe vederi
Grafică avansată
Vedere analitică a modelului
Vedere scalată a modelului
Instrumente de desen
Snap inteligent
Utilizare șabloane arhitectură
Planuri și elevații
Vederi în plan și elevație
Dezvoltare de elevații
Editarea interactivă a bazelor de date
Unelte de Meshing
Meshing de element
Meshing extern
Constrângeri liniare
Componente StructuralePlusNonlinearUltimate
Grinzi, stâlpi, contravântuiri
Caracteristici ale secțiunii
Plăci (Pereți, Podele, Rampe)
Șpaleți și montanți
Elemente de legătură
Diafragme de nivel
Reazeme nelineare
Legături cu un singur grad de libertate
Legături izotrope PMM
Legături parametrice PMM
Fiber Frame Hinges
Fiber Wall Hinges
Modelarea reazemelor ca legături pentru FNA
Element de membană lamelară nelineară
Elemente nelineare de prindere: cu cârlig
Elemente nelineare de prindere: amortizori, izolatori
Automated Bucking Restrained Brace (BRB) modeling (CoreBrace)
Friction-spring hysteretic damper and Bilinear Maxwell oil damper property
Design Strips
General Design Strips
Automatic Width Strips
Post-Tensioning (P/T)
Autostrip and Layout
Automated Code Based Loading
Point, Line, Area, and Thermal Loads
Live Load Reduction
Open Structure Wind Loading
Pattern Loading
Tendon Loads and Losses
SAPFireTM Analysis Engine
Eigen Analysis
Ritz Analysis
Mulitple 64-Bit Solvers
Response Spectrum Analysis
Time History Analysis
Time Dependent
Construction Sequencing
Creep and Shrinkage
Load Cases and Combinations
Model Alive
Nonlinear Analysis
Wilson FNA (Fast Nonlinear Analysis) Method
Direct Integration Time HIstory
Material Nonlinearity - Frame, Hinges and Links
Geometric Nonlinearity - Large Displacement
Performance Based DesignPlusNonlinearUltimate
Stable and Fast Nonlinear Analysis (FNA) implemented for PBD
Automated Nonlinear hinges in shear walls based upon user/design reinforcing
Steel and concrete material models with performance levels (confined and unconfined)
Automated PBD hinges and procedures based upon ASCE 41-13
Steel and concrete fiber models for shear walls and columns
D/C ratio plots and tables for fast performance evaluation
Material strain as performance measure for D/C ratios
Several new hysteresis options for nonlinear hinges
Options for hysteretic stiffness and strength degradation
Quasi-static (Dyanmic) option for Static Pushover analysis of complex models
Generalized displacement constraints for strain evaluation
Output averaging of responses over several time history runs
Steel Frame
Concrete Frame
Composite Beam and Column
Shear Wall
Steel Joist
Steel Connection and Base Plate
Strip Based Slab Design
FEM Based Slab Design
Punching Shear Check
Post-Tensioning Stress Checks
Output and DisplayPlusNonlinearUltimate
Mixed Units
Deformed Geometry
Shell Force and Stress Contours
Reaction Diagrams
Tabular Output
Section Cuts
Video Animations
Rendered Views
Report Generation
Section Designer
Application Programming Interface
Import and ExportPlusNonlinearUltimate
Supported Formats
Building Information Modeling
CSiXRevit Compatible