Comparație de Nivele SAFE

SAFE este disponibil la 2 nivele: Standard și Post-tensioning (P/T)

User InterfaceStandardPost-tensioning (P/T)
One Window, Many Views
Enhanced User Interface
Model Explorer
ModelingStandardPost-tensioning (P/T)
Model Views
Analytical Model
Physical Model
Drawing Tools
Intelligent Snaps
Architectural Tracing
User Coordinate System
Grid Systems
Developed Elevations
Interactive Database Editing
Object Based Meshing
Dimension Lines
Structural ComponentsStandardPost-tensioning (P/T)
Foundations, Basemats, and Footings
Walls and Ramps
Insertion Points
Spring Supports
Design Strips
General Design Strips
Automatic Width Strips
Post-Tensioning (P/T)
Autostrip and Layout
LoadingStandardPost-tensioning (P/T)
Loading Diagrams
Load Cases and Combinations
Point, Line, and Area Loads
Auto Pattern Live Loads
Tendon Loads and Losses
AnalysisStandardPost-tensioning (P/T)
SAPFireTM Analysis Engine
Eigen Analysis
Ritz Analysis
Mulitple 64-Bit Solvers
Deflection Control
Uplift Analysis
Vibration Analysis
DesignStandardPost-tensioning (P/T)
Strip Based Design
FEM Based Slab Design
Beam Design
Punching Shear Check
Post-Tensioning Stress Checks
Design Codes
Output and DisplayStandardPost-tensioning (P/T)
Deformed Geometry
Force Diagrams
Beam Forces
Strip Forces
Shell Contours
Shell Contour Diagrams
Bearing Pressure
Reaction Diagrams
Animations and Image Capture
Tabular Output
Rendered Views
DetailingStandardPost-tensioning (P/T)
Drawing Generation
Drawing Sheets
Title Blocks
Title Blocks
Component Views
Reinforcement Plans
Reinforcement Plan Overview
Tendon Layout Plans
Section Cuts
Print and Export Drawings
ReportingStandardPost-tensioning (P/T)
Report Generation
Import and ExportStandardPost-tensioning (P/T)
Supported Formats
Building Information Modeling
CSiXRevit Compatible